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At Beauty by Andrea, L’ANZA Healing Haircare color and products are the only line carried. The L’ANZA products are always available for sale in the salon. L’ANZA’s motto is “healing is the foundation to beautiful hair.”


My goal, aside from precision haircuts and flawless color, is to get your hair to its healthiest level. Hair that is at the peak of health holds color longer and reacts to products more efficiently. I believe having healthy hair is the core to great hair and achieving desired hair styles.

In 2008, I became a L’ANZA Educator. This has allowed me to maintain ongoing education. I also continue to explore all aspects of the entire product line. This enables me to prescribe the perfect combination of products to fulfill your hair needs.


L’ANZA provides me with the tools to transform your wants and needs into stunning color, without the damage.

Their products also permit me to have ultimate creativity with incredible results- richer and longer lasting color! Having these products at home allow you to achieve the same results received in the salon.


So you can Look, Feel, & Be Beautiful every day.

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